We all are aware of the fact that electrical appliances, components, wirings and sockets are so not water proof. Even if it’s disclaimed on the packaging we try not to expose things to the outside environment, however number of electrical equipment can be found outside. Since we need electrical things for indoor and outdoor both, there is a good creativity available for such purpose which is known as ‘electrical enclosures’. To simplify things for a common person; we all have that hard metal wardrobe kind (or a tall cupboard) outside the house, near super market and malls, garden area and other different places, yes! That is actually an electrical enclosures Melbourne

Precisely, it’s a place where all the necessary linked sockets, electrical connections, right switchboards, knobs, electrical breakers are placed. Some people call it electrical enclosure and some call it a small hub which has been segregated area wise, in order to address any complain the technical staff can directly open and check the electrical enclosure of that particular area. The basic purpose of this metal made cover is to prevent shocks and electrical circuit damages. Water is not the only threat, usually in hot regions excessive heat can easily burn things up due to overheating of electrical components, to protect the discharge and to make it look good aesthetically electrical enclosures solves the purpose. Plenty of options are available, one can order customized electrical enclosures otherwise, standardized enclosures are already in the market, usually made of metal but rigid plastics, stainless steel and aluminum are some common materials through which these wardrobes are made. For enhanced protection and to prevent unauthorized access, these metal cupboards come with a rigid lock (which cannot be opened with the specially designed key), in addition to save the kids and animals sometimes officials make a steel fence around that metal box. 

Indoor environment is a bit safe hence plastic and fiberglass enclosures are better to be installed inside the homes and offices. Usually locks aren’t required for indoor electrical enclosure because, first it is always installed at a height (above normal range) so there is no concept of pets and kids access. Aluminum boxes are recommended these days due to its light weight, durability, economy price and ability to survive in extreme weathers. On the other hand polycarbonate is attracting clients even better due to anti magnetic and non-conductive attributes, since polycarbonate is easily amendable people prefer it over other materials. Despite of all the other options, people still belief more on stainless steel over any or all materials extreme durability, shock proof, water resistant and above all corrosion and moisture resistance are some worth mentioning benefits of using electrical enclosure made of stainless steel.