furniture feet

Balance is critical in everything in our life. Same is the case with our house and the furniture that we have in our home. If the furniture in our home is not rightly balanced that may cause many problems for us. Not only this, it can be damaging for the furniture, floor or people, if it is not correctly balanced. Usually, the new furniture comes with all the right balance, but sometimes your home floor is old and is out of balance. This creates the problem of balancing the furniture. Same can be the problem with old furniture, maybe they are in perfect condition from above but the furniture legs or furniture feet worn down due to time and usage. No one can afford to replace the furniture, every time their furniture legs or furniture feet get damaged. So, the perfect way is to repair them or get them replaced. Usually, the furniture feet are the most vulnerable part of the furniture, that needs constant repair or replace. This is not only due to the damage but there can be many other reasons which might make you replace your furniture feet.

The reasons why the furniture feets need to be replaced and why they are important so that you shouldn’t be ignoring their replacement or repair. 

  • Levelling the furniture: When you have new furniture, there are very fewer chances that there will be levelling of the furniture. You will just put the furniture on the floor and it will be perfectly balanced. But with time and usage, it is the possibility that the floor gets unbalanced or the feet may get damaged. This will lead to a serious problem, that your furniture will always be in motion and may cause more damage to the floor if the levelling is not corrected. So, in that case, always prioritise the replacement of furniture feet as it may lead to damage to the floor or furniture leg. No one wants to sit on furniture which is not properly balanced. 
  • Protection: Furniture will put stress on the floor and maybe some furniture has pointy furniture feet, that may lead to damaging the floor especially in case of wooden floor or tiles. The perfect way to protect your floor is to replace such furniture fetes, with the right type. Many furniture feet will help to knock off the pressure and reduces stress on the floor. Using the right type of furniture feet will leave no furniture mark on the floor, this can be a serious problem if you have placed furniture on the carpet. Always check your furniture feet and make replacement before placing them on a delicate surface. 
  • Anti- Vibration or Noise: Sometimes, the furniture is placed on the surface that whenever somebody uses it, that cause vibration or certain noises. There anti-vibration and noise-cancelling furniture feet, that helps to reduce such oddity. They are perfect for the houses where the floors are old. Visit for more.