Skirting rubber is basically a type of the sealing rubber sheet which is designed to work with the conveyer belt and is absolute essential in its application because the skirting rubber provides the seal to prevent the spillage from the conveyor belt while loading the materials, due to this reason it is used in the mining industries specifically. Where the skirting rubber may not prevent the complete spillage but it surely reduces the amount of spillage. Not only this but there are other reasons to use the skirting rubber in conveyor as well.

Optimise contact with the conveyor belt:

In some conveyors, the skirting rubber in melbourne is chamfered in order to provide the good angle with the conveyor belt to optimise the contact but if you see the conveyor belt for sale, these are usually without the chamfers.

Suitable for conveyors:

The rubber material used in the skirting rubber is designed in such way that this works perfectly for many kinds of conveyors as a perfect sealant and not only this but these also come in number of varieties as well which vary in hardness of the rubber and also on the resistance of the fire and specific gravity specification. Based on the requirement of the industry and the conveyor belt, one may choose the kind of the skirting rubber that is best for it.


These are highly durable and once applied on the conveyor belt these will likely to serve for a long time and will keep on preventing the spillage thus saving the material as well as pollution from dust. The design is such that it can bear the cut and tear providing high strength and this is how the friction is also reduced between the conveyor belt and the rubber thus increasing the life span of the skirting rubber as well as of the conveyor belt.

Best for confined spaces:

Although with the time and the usage, it is possible that the skirting rubber seal becomes dislocated and therefore, to get the best of it, one must regularly adjust and tightens it. The skirting could also be released and then fit again and any operator can do it without any special training or use of any special kind of tools and because of this, since no tools and heavy equipment is required to put it, these are best for the confined spaces.

There are number of manufacturing units for the skirting rubber and you could easily buy these from any of these but make sure that you get the specification right for your conveyor belt in order to get the best fit and service out of it.