So when we think about the order fulfilment and then the idea of the whole process came into our mind which includes all the steps like getting order done by the customers in which they decide that what they are going to buy and which kind of qualities they want in their product and where they want a product to be delivered. So for the sake of order fulfilment the person who are working in the department of the production of the products have to made the products according to the need and choice of the customers which they have booked for and also the order must be prepared on time so that the trust of the customer could be gained and maintained.

The whole process of order fulfilment is not that easy and simple which one could think about it but it needs some time to get completed and also There is need to follow some steps which will ultimately lead to the proper production after products so that the products will be made on the and basic of the choice of the customers so that the customers satisfaction could be gained. First of all the raw material have to be about from the other companies and the service providers and then a lot of the raw material is stored in the warehousing and after being stored in the warehousing the raw material is being further used by the co-workers which are really working in the early department of the practically making products.In the store raw material in the warehousing will be using by the worker so whenever they need according to their demand and the work.

After making the products the delivery and shipment of the products are being done to do different couriers services so that the customers could get their order on their door. Some companies or the industries are providing different kinds of services to their customers like they offer money back guarantee products that if products are not according for the choice and order of the customer then they can get money back by returning the product to the company and also they can claim for some changes in the product if they are not according to their order in the choice.

In the following we are going to discuss about some models which are being followed in order fulfilment:

  • The first model which is also called as the in-house in which hall the services and the delivery order shipment is being done internally.

  • Model which is being involving the third party just like 3pl Brisbane in this type of model of order fulfilment in brisbane the demand and order of the customers are being completed by cutting the services from any third party like couriers services and other shipments services.

In the third model the products order orders are being fulfilled by the produces and then deliver to the customers through the same process so that there is less cost of transport.