It can be a bit tough for you to leave your dog at dog boarding kennels when you have to leave the town for first time, and believe us, first time is the hardest time. You are concerned about the safety and comfort of your dog, just like any parent would do for their children.

At our pet mining resort, we offer dog classes supervised by our highly experienced as well as friendly and professional staff that will give a comfortable environment to your pets. Our social dog is well trained for socialising with other pets who have come at our pet resort while their owners are away. At our dog boarding kennels, we make sure that your dog feels at home.

Our trained dogs and classes are functional in a way that enables your pets to have an experience of everything and live a happy routine while their owners are no around. The dog park is a nice starting place and you can make your pet have a playdate with any other pet dog. However, if your dog is particularly nervous or afraid about interacting with other dogs, you can ask a vet for an expert opinion.

Also, you need to consider a few more things to make your dog feel more comfortable. For instance, you can familiarize them with the concept of car riding. Make sure the trips of your dog are not only centred around going to the vet, or your pet will start feeling agitated or afraid of being in a car. Take him to the grocery or street shopping with you in your car. When our trained dog reaches our dog boarding kennels, they always run in excitement and are enthusiastic about their holiday in a pet resort.

If you think your dog will stay more comfortable with a favourite toy or a blanket, you can bring it while dropping your pet off to the dog boarding kennels in Sydney for your trip.

We offer day care for the dogs, a great opportunity for you to let your pets know you care about them and make them familiar with the place before your trip, so they feel more comfortable. If your pet is anxious about staying at a place in particular, you can also get overnight stays booked to make them feel relaxed. With an experience of more than 25 years, we are proud to say that we will be providing a safe place for stay to your pets and make them feel at home while you are away on your trip for a short or long time.